3 surprising reasons for a rash

Rashes appear for all sorts of reasons – most are harmless and go away on their own.


Candis health editor Karen Evennett outlines some possible causes you may not be aware of.

However, if you or your child develops a rash and feel unwell, or if you’re worried, you should always see your GP.

1. Itchy, raised red blisters that often bust when you scratch

This could be Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH), which is linked to coeliac disease. The rash is usually symmetrical (eg both elbows, knees or buttocks) and affects only one in 3,300 people, usually over the age of 50. Diagnosis is made using a skin test for the antibody IgA. If this is present you should be referred on to a gastroenterologist to be tested for coeliac disease. Even if you have not had gut symptoms (and 60 per cent do not) you could still have Coeliac Disease. Find out more at coeliac.org.uk

2. A reddish butterfly rash over your nose and cheeks

This kind of rash (also called a malar rash) could be a sign of the autoimmune disease Lupus. The rash was once thought to resemble a wolf’s bite and this is what gave Lupus (Latin for wolf) its name. Find out more at lupusuk.org.uk

3. Discrete red spots that spread to cover large areas of the body

This could be a drug rash – caused by either a side effect of medication, or an allergic reaction to it. The most common culprits are antibiotics, anti-seizure medicines, and water pills (diuretics) – though any drug can in theory cause it. The rash usually starts in the first week of taking new medication – but some drugs are more likely to produce a rash when your skin’s been exposed to sunlight. The rash usually resolves itself within a few days of stopping the offending medication. But beware that a rash can sometimes – though rarely – be part of a serious and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.

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  1. Marie Evans says:

    Yes i was affected by the number 3.I had some antibiotic for a kidney infection & within a couple of days looked like i had the measles lol.

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