3 ways to cut your risk of cancer

Health editor Karen Evennett offers easy ways to feel better…


  1. Stop smoking – 90% of lung cancers are linked to smoking but it’s never too late to stop. People who quit smoking at 30 live nearly as long as non-smokers, and those who quit at 50 can still undo half the damage.
  2. Cut down on alcohol – drinking increases your risk of breast, bowel and mouth cancers as well as those of the oesophagus and larynx. Women shouldn’t drink more than two to three units a day, and men no more than three to four units. That’s the equivalent of one pint of 5% abv beer or one medium or large glass of 12% abv wine for women or three small (275ml) bottles of beer or four small (25ml) spirit shots for men.
  3. Know your body – and report any changes, such as lumps or unexplained bleeding to your GP.


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