4 surprising reasons you’re getting spots

Taking care of her skin

However clean and healthy you think you are, your lifestyle could be the cause of your break out. Candis health editor Karen Evennett outlines some possible reasons to be aware of…

You’re juicing!

Taking the fibre out of your fruit and veggies when you make juice leaves you with an unnaturally concentrated amount of sugar. This can hike your blood sugar and insulin levels and trigger a flurry of hormonal activity that floods your skin with oils that block pores and trap acne-causing bacteria.

You spend too much time on the phone

It’s not the bacteria on the phone that causes the damage – no matter how clean you keep it you’re still putting yourself at risk every time you press it to your face, because the friction stimulates oil production in your pores.

You’re into protein powders

They’re a popular ingredient for home-made smoothies, supposedly aiding weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer. But many use the dairy proteins whey or casein and an article in the American Journal of Dermatology has linked these to acne, warning that just two scoops a week could cause a breakout.

You’re too squeaky clean

Check the label on your cleanser. Those containing the word ‘soap’ can disrupt the skin’s barrier, causing inflammation and irritation, which exacerbate spots. Look for products containing ‘hydrophobically modified polymers’, a soap substitute that a study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found to be less irritating and more effective at treating acne than the ingredient found in most cleansers.

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