6 Amazing benefits of going sober for October

Most of us know that we should probably drink less alcohol – the tricky thing is usually tracking and remembering every single drink we’ve had in the first place!

Glass of rose wine

From enjoying ‘just one more’ in the pub with a friend, to savouring that after-work glass of wine on the sofa, our weekly alcohol units (and calories!) can often ramp up without us realising.

While we all know that drinking less is better for our long-term health – what about the perks for our mind and bodies? From sparkling skin to a healthier diet, just four weeks off the sauce can make a huge impact on how we look and feel – and you might even see a benefit to your bank balance too!

This October, Macmillan Cancer Support is urging us all to Go Sober for October and discover what a month without alcohol could really do.

You’ll ditch the junk food

There’s no avoiding the fact that alcohol and junk food often go hand in hand; a night on the town can leave us craving sweet and starchy foods, as alcohol messes with our blood sugar levels, making it harder to stay away from that morning-after bacon roll. By ditching the booze you’re much more likely to make healthier food choices and keep a steady level of energy throughout the day. Help yourself resist temptation and opt for a refreshing soda and lime instead!

You’ll have clearer looking skin

Countless products claim to turn back the years and give a glowing complexion, but one of the cheapest ways to give your skin a guaranteed makeover is by ditching alcohol. Staying off the drink helps to reduce dehydration and inflammation (two direct results of drinking on your skin), resulting in clearer looking skin.

You’ll have a stronger immune system

As winter approaches, catching a cold or two can become par for the course, particularly as we all pack into crowded pubs and bars to keep warm. Alcohol actually weakens your immune system as the body is focusing its efforts on processing the alcohol rather than fighting infections. So why not give up alcohol at a time of year when your body really needs it?

Exercise more

Always meaning to head to the gym but find yourself feeling groggy from the night before? Laying off alcohol could mean you’re more likely to commit to an exercise regime and be boosted by extra energy and a good night’s sleep. By reducing the (empty) calories that alcohol brings with it, you’ll have more motivation to embrace a more effective training schedule and see better results.

You’ll be less prone to mood swings

While your first drink might improve your mood, alcohol is actually a depressant. Those hangover blues you may experience after a few beverages are caused by alcohol affecting your brain chemistry. This means that when you’re not drinking, your body will be able to stabilise your hormones and your inner systems, leaving you on more of an even keel throughout the week.

Sleep better

Some studies have shown that by giving up alcohol, we can benefit from a better quality sleep, which will ultimately leave us feeling more energised. Because alcohol interrupts a normal sleep pattern, even just one or two drinks can make for a patchy night’s sleep and leave us feeling exhausted. So ditch that cocktail and relish in an eight-hour slumber. Sweet dreams!

Challenge yourself to a Sober October and ask your loved ones to sponsor you. All money raised will go to Macmillan Cancer Support and help ensure that no one faces cancer alone. For more information on Macmillan’s Go Sober for October fundraiser, visit gosober.org.uk


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