Four exercises to keep fit at work

It can be a challenge to find the time to head to the gym – but fear not, incorporating small amounts of exercise into your daily routine can bring huge health benefits. Leah Taylor, health and well-being writer at, outlines four simple workouts you can do at your desk.


Chair hip twist

When at work, most of us will find ourselves sitting on a chair at least once. Some of us even sit for more than five to six hours of the day. So to combat weight gain due to a lack of physical exercise, you can get active on your chair.

This exercise can be done as a continuous movement throughout the day – although you may get some funny looks from your co-workers – or it can be done in sets. The exercise itself is simple and won’t leave you with sweat marks.

Begin by placing your feet on the ground and tightening your core. It will also be beneficial to pull in your pelvis and straighten up your back, as this will engage your whole body. Then place your arms on your desk and fix them there; keep this fixed throughout the exercise. When you have done this, simply begin twisting your body left and then right, while keeping your arms firmly on the desk. This is best done on a swivel chair.

This is a great exercise for trimming love handles and it also strengthens the core.

The stairs workout

For anyone who works in a high-rise building, the mere thought of walking up the stairs is daunting. I am sure to some it is the ‘stairway to hell’. But it is probably the most versatile workout area in the whole of the building. Here are just a few exercises that you should try next time you find yourself there.

– To add in cardio to your work day, simply jog up the stairs. If you wish to push yourself further, do it twice over. Make the excuse you left something in your car… even if you don’t own a car.

– Do step-up exercises. We must have all come into contact with these in PE classes, but this time, you don’t have your PE teacher shouting at you to run faster. Like the exercise suggests you step up on to the one step and then step back down. Then go up two steps, back down one. Repeat this till you reach your destination.

– Use interval training. When going up flights of stairs, switch from walking to a quick sprint and then walking again. Keep doing this until you get to the floor you want.

The desk leg press

This workout will be one you can do without bringing attention to yourself. While at your desk, straighten your body and straighten your legs away from you. Place both legs together; if you have a book lying around grab it, place it on your feet and balance it. Then begin lifting your legs together up and down whilst making sure your core is tight. This will help tone your calves and thighs.


Probably the simplest yet most effective workout is fidgeting. If you can get into a habit of constantly fidgeting throughout the day you will burn off more calories without even trying. This can be as simple as swivelling on your chair, bobbing along to music and tapping your feet. Over time, you can do this without thinking, although try to restrain yourself from fidgeting when going to sleep with your loved one. You might just find yourself sleeping on the sofa.

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