3 ways to a pain-free back

Health editor Karen Evenett offers easy ways to feel better…


1. Keep stress in check… Stress seems to impact on just about every aspect of our health and back pain is no exception as the stress hormone cortisol makes us feel pain more severely. And, with 105 million work days lost to stress in a year, it’s not surprising that so many of us are also complaining of backaches.

2. Think before you eat… As well as keeping your nerves healthy and your weight within the healthy range, swapping white bread, sugar and fat for a nutrient-rich diet (plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish, wholegrains and pulses) will supply your muscles with the right kind of fuel to maintain the support and protection of your spine.

3. Stay well hydrated… Studies show that over 50% of the UK population is chronically dehydrated, but you need water to lubricate your joints and enable them to move freely – and just drinking more water can often alleviate your back pain.

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