The season of the common cold is upon us, and research shows that early action is better than treating the symptoms of a full-blown infection.

While many people focus on products and methods that help alleviate their symptoms once they are suffering with a cold, few focus their efforts on shortening the duration by acting as soon as tell-tale signs appear. Early symptoms of a cold vary from person to person, ranging from a headache or a ‘scratchy’, sore throat to a simple feeling of being under the weather. As soon as these symptoms appear, stop them in their tracks with ColdZyme, which forms a protective barrier at the back of the throat where cold viruses start to take hold and multiply. This protective mouth spray acts as an early defence against symptoms and could also shorten the length of the cold. Containing a natural marine enzyme, ColdZyme can be used by adults and children from four years old. Don’t miss out, get a FREE ColdZyme 7ml mouth spray today!

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