Parma Ham and Soft Cheese Roulade

Parma Roulade

This tasty snack is made with slices of Parma Ham, spread with a soft cheese and herb mixture, which is rolled and sliced to serve with crackers, crudités or fruit.

Serves 4-6


10 slices Parma Ham
300g (10oz) cream cheese or low fat soft cheese
2 tsp fresh chives, chopped
2 tsp fresh parsley, chopped
Freshly ground black pepper
Crackers, vegetable crudités or fresh fruit, to serve


  • Lay out two slices of Parma Ham on a work surface, placing one directly on top of the other. Next, place two more slices on top of the first, overlapping them halfway down these slices. Continue with the remaining slices to form a square of Parma Ham
  • Mix the soft cheese with the herbs. Season with black pepper, then spread carefully and evenly over the Parma Ham, using a palette knife if possible
  • Roll up the Parma Ham from one side, then wrap in cling film or foil for at least 30 minutes
  • To serve, use a sharp knife to slice the Parma Ham roll. Try with crackers, vegetable crudités or fresh fruit – such as melon, grapes or figs

Cook’s tip: Add a tiny amount of finely crushed garlic to the cheese mixture if you like, though take care that you don’t add too much, or else it could be overpowering.


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  1. Teri Mulcahey says:

    Hi there. Thanks for your wonderful receipe. I just wanted to know when you wrap it up for 30 minutes, do you put it in the fridge? Thank you.

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