Pancake Day – Gluten free pancakes

Welcome to one of this month’s healthy family recipes. This is just one of many healthy recipes available with the Candis Diet

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Ready in: 20 minutes


100g buckwheat flour
1 large free range egg
250ml semi skimmed milk
125ml water
1 tbsp Greek yoghurt
Oil for frying (try rapeseed oil as it has half the saturated fat of olive oil)


1. Whisk the flour, egg and milk together until you have a smooth paste.

2. Whisk in the water and yoghurt to make a smooth batter. *if you want to make lighter ‘crepes’ then add a little extra water at this point to make a thinner batter.

3. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a non-stick frying pan and swirl around to cover the base.

4. Add enough batter to cover the base of the pan, tilting to spread evenly and fry until golden underneath and then turn or flip gently and fry on the other side until golden and cooked through (they are quite delicate at this stage) but well worth the effort!

TOP TIP – You can also make a batch, freeze, and defrost in a dry pan or microwave as you need them. To freeze, after cooling separate each one with greaseproof paper first and place in a sealed bag in the freezer.

Suggested healthier sweet toppings in place of sugar:

Top with strawberries and blueberries as in the photograph (or your favourite fruit) and drizzle over SWEET FREEDOM Natural Syrup.

OR make:

Hot chocolate sauce

In a bowl blend 2 tbsp cocoa powder with 2 tbsp of milk and 2 tbsp of water to form a smooth paste, stir in 2 tbsp SWEET FREEDOM Natural Syrup, transfer to a small pan and heat for a few minutes, stirring all the time with a wooden spoon until it bubbles and thickens slightly. Taste and stir in more Sweet Freedom if necessary. Drizzle over pancakes whilst still warm. Can also be served cold and drizzled over pancakes or over ice cream.

Lemon and orange pancakes:

Squeeze ¼ of a fresh lemon or orange over each pancake (removing any pips) and drizzle Sweet Freedom Natural Syrup over the top.

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