Jersey Royal and Halloumi Rosemary Skewers

For maximum flavour, prepare the mint oil a few hours before and leave the ingredients to marinate.

Serves: 4

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 10-15 minutes


For the mint oil:

25g fresh mint, leaves only

150ml extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt

Coarsely ground black pepper

For the skewers:

500g Jersey Royal new potatoes, halved

360g halloumi cheese, cut into 3cm cubes

1 medium aubergine, cut into 3cm cubes

200g cherry tomatoes

4 straight woody stems of rosemary, around 25cm long

Sea salt

Coarsely ground black pepper


1      To make the mint oil, add all the ingredients to the food processor and process for 1-2 minutes until smooth. Set aside.

2      Add the potatoes, halloumi, aubergine and tomatoes to the mint oil. Mix well to ensure that everything is evenly coated.

3      Strip the base rosemary leaves from each stem, leaving the top 4cm of each with leaves.

4      Thread alternate potato, halloumi, aubergine and tomatoes along each rosemary stem and continue until everything is used up.

5      Preheat the barbecue or grill.

6      Cover the leave tops of the rosemary skewers with a sheet of tin foil to prevent them from burning.

7      Grill or barbecue the skewers over a medium heat for about 10-15 minutes, turning regularly until the potatoes are cooked through and the vegetables are golden. Baste occasionally with the mint oil.

8      Serve with a drizzle of remaining mint oil.

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