Strawberry Eaton Mess with TOTAL Greek Yoghurt

A Delicious Eaton Mess with Total Greek Yoghurt

Eton messIngredients:

200g TOTAL Greek Yoghurt
200g double cream whipped
1 box of meringue shells crushed
200g strawberries


  1. Fold the TOTAL Greek Yoghurt into the cream and refrigerate
  2. Chop 200g strawberries and crush meringue shells
  3. Fold strawberries and meringue into cream and TOTAL Greek Yoghurt mixture.

To serve

Spoon mixture into glass dishes decorate with strawberries.

Chef’s Tip

To make it more special add a splash of brandy. To reduce the calories even further replace the cream with another 200g of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt . This dish can be made with either 0% or 2% and authentic TOTAL Greek Yoghurt ….enjoy!

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