Pancake Day – Blueberry and Marmalade Pancakes

Welcome to one of this month’s healthy family recipes.

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150g/5oz plain flour
2 x large Happy Eggs
2 x tablespoons marmalade, either orange/grapefruit or lime
125ml cold milk
225g/8oz fresh blueberries
Oil to fry

For the Sauce
3 x tablespoons marmalade, let down with some orange juice or brandy


1. In a food processor, add the happy eggs, flour, milk and the 2x tablespoons marmalade

Blitz to a smooth batter, then add the fresh blueberries

In a small non stick frying pan add a little oil, add some of the batter, making sure that each pancake has some berries in them

4. Continue to cook the pancakes till all the batter is used

5. Keep them warm in the oven in the meantime

6. Warm up the remaining marmalade with a little orange juice or brandy in a saucepan, and serve drizzled over the pancakes.


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