Porterhouse Steak with Pine Nut Spaghetti

PorterHouse_SlicedServes: 2
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: (based on a 2cm/¾in thick steak):

Rare: 2½ minutes on each side
Medium: 4 minutes on each side
Well done: 6 minutes on each side


1 x bone-in Porterhouse steak (weighing 450g/1lb)

For the Pine Nut Spaghetti:
200g/7oz fresh spaghetti
Large handful toasted pine nuts
75g/3oz cherry tomatoes, halved
45ml/3tbsp small fresh basil leaves, torn
From the Store Cupboard:
10ml/2tsp wholegrain or Dijon mustard
45ml/3tbsp rapeseed or olive oil
Salt and freshly milled black pepper


1. Remove the steak from the fridge at least 1 hour before cooking, transfer to a shallow dish and bring up to room temperature.

2. In a small bowl mix together the mustard and 15ml/1tbsp oil.

3. Season and brush with the mustard oil on both sides.

4. Cook on a prepared barbecue or preheated moderate grill according to your preference. Remove the steaks from the pan and transfer to a plate. Cover and leave to rest.

5. Cook the spaghetti according to the packet instructions, transfer to a large bowl and add the pine nuts, tomatoes, basil, the remaining oil and seasoning. Toss gently.

6. Serve the spaghetti with the steak.

If preferred use any steak of your choice. If you like toss some grated Parmesan through the spaghetti too.

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