Quesadilla filled with Västerbottensost and Smoked Salmon


quesadillaMakes 8 sections
1 jar roasted peppers
300 g/11 oz smoked salmon, thinly sliced
12 slices Västerbottensost cheese
2 large tortillas
3 tbsp chopped basil
½ tsp ground cumin


1. Cut the peppers into small pieces.

2. Arrange salmon, cheese, peppers, basil and cumin on one half of each of the tortillas. Add a final layer of cheese and then fold the other half over.

3. Toast the tortillas in a dry frying pan on medium heat until they are nicely brown.

4. Turn and toast them on the other side.

5. Cut each quesadilla into four sections.

6. Can be served with fresh spinach.

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