Savoury Christmas Gateau with a Rose Harissa Halloumi Filling

This is no cake but you will want a second piece!

cabbage gateau*Can be vegan & serves 6


10 large green cabbage leaves – spring greens are ideal
1 tbsp olive oil
100g leek, green part, trimmed and finely chopped
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
200g carrots, peeled and grated
100g parsnip, peeled and grated
50g orzo, cooked according to pack, or cooked rice
A little water
1 slice seeded bread, made into breadcrumbs
1 tsp sesame seeds
1 free range egg, beaten (*2 tbsp ground almonds)
1 packet vegetarian Halloumi cheese, grated (*225g plain tofu pressed and crumbled)
1 tbsp Rose Harissa paste
To taste salt and pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Wash cabbage leaves, cut out central veins and discard. Steam for 5 minutes until quite soft.
2. Grease an 8″ wide deep oven dish. Line the dish with the cabbage so the outside of the leaves are facing down, leaving plenty of overhang as this will be used to cover the top.
3. Sauté leeks in little oil until soft then add garlic and sauté for further 3 minutes.
4. Add grated carrots, parsnips and a little water. Cover pan and sweat until soft stirring occasionally.
5. Add the cooked Orzo or rice and mix well. Allow to cool. When cool add breadcrumbs, sesame seeds and beaten egg (*ground almonds). Season to taste. Mix well.
6.In a separate bowl mix together the grated halloumi (*crumbled tofu) with the Rose Harissa paste.
7. To assemble, take half of carrot and parsnip mixture and place into cabbage- lined dish. Top with halloumi (*tofu ) mixture, followed by remaining carrot and parsnip filling. Press down well.
8. Fold the cabbage leaves over to cover the top.
9. Cover top of dish with tin foil and bake for 30 minutes.
10. To remove gateau from dish place plate over top and turn upside down.
11. Brush top with a little olive oil. Allow to cool a little before serving.

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