Spicy Sausage Casserole

A real crowd pleaser for when you have friends and family round.

Serves: 4
Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 40 – 45 minutes


420g red kidney beans in chilli sauce
200g can chopped tomatoes
300g can sliced carrots, drained
6 (400g) sausages, chilli if available
100g chorizo, peeled and thickly sliced
1 red onion, chopped
150g butternut squash, cut into large cubes
1-2tsp smoked paprika, optional
150ml stock
1 Tbsp olive oil 


  • Heat the oil in a large saucepan.
  • Add the sausages and fry for five minutes, browning evenly, then remove them from the pan and leave to cool slightly.
  • Add the onion to the pan and fry for five minutes or until just soft.
  • Add chorizo and squash, fry for two minutes, and add the paprika, carrots, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes and stock.
  • Cut each sausage into four or five pieces, return to the pan, bring to the simmer and cook for 30 minutes or until the squash is cooked.


Canny fact

Best served with mashed or baked potatoes. To make this dish even quicker to make, try adding canned onions instead of fresh – they are already prepared, ready for you to use.


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