Viennetta mess

Pasticcio di ViennettaGINO D’ACAMPO RECIPES – Viennetta mess

Serves: 4


200g Wall’s Viennetta Vanilla

800g fresh ripe strawberries

1 tablespoon icing sugar, sifted

200g thick Greek-style yoghurt

6 ready made plain meringues


1. Wash and dry the strawberries, remove any green bits. If they are large, cut in half.

2. Place 600g of strawberries in a large bowl. Dust with icing sugar, gently mix and chill for an hour.

3. Place the remaining 200g of strawberries in a food processor and blitz into a purée, adding a dash of liqueur to taste, and chill.

4. Cut the Wall’s Viennetta into 1cm cubes and place into a large bowl, fold in the yoghurt, and chill.

5. Roughly crush the meringues into bite-sized pieces and set aside.

6. When you are ready to serve, gently toss the Viennetta, meringue and strawberries together.

7. Divide the lot between 4 tall dessert glasses.

8. Drizzle over the strawberry purée.


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