Arlene Phillips’ West Indian-style vegetable rotis

Serves: 4

Arlene Phillips’ West Indian Style Vegetable RotisIngredients:

4 medium potatoes diced into centimeter cubes
1 medium to large onion diced finely
1 green or yellow pepper diced
1 cup petit pois peas
1 red or green chilli chopped fine
2 cloves garlic crushed
Salt and pepper to season


Tortilla wraps or roti wraps if you can find them

Simmer diced potatoes until just beginning to go soft then drain

In a frying pan with a splash or two of oil fry up curry powder gently, do not burn.

Then in same pan sweat diced onion until some begins to brown then add crushed garlic and diced pepper for 1 minute longer.

Take off heat and mix in chilli and peas to make a course chop.

Heat up tortilla wraps in microwave in a shallow bowl with a plate on top for a minute on high or until hot and damp.

Either wrap vegetable mix or use a fork or spoon.

You can use other vegetables of your own choice for example yam, sweet potato plantain for more authentic taste.

30 minutes prep and cook.

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For further information and to download the free World Food Programme cookbook visit



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