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Family health is extremely important. Knowing the health problems you may come across, the cures to those problems and what to do in an emergency can help put your mind at ease when it comes to family health. Candis will bring you family health advice on a regular basis but here are a few pointers to get you started.

5 Steps To Family Health Happiness

1. Quality Time – In today’s busy and noisy world the biggest obstacle for families and family health is all the distractions that families have to deal with such as the xbox, TV or internet. Now, not only is mum and dad too busy but the kids are too; which leaves us with very little time to spend together as a family whether that be sitting around and learning about each others day or going out for walks to get some fresh air as well as exercise.

2. Know Your Family History – Just because your father, grandmother or uncle died of a heart attack or cancer doesn’t mean you will too, but it is good to know youre family health history and which diseases or conditions may run in your family. Being aware of all the facts you will have the time to be able to make the necessary life changes so that you do not follow in their footsteps.

3. Stay Smoke Free – Smoke and pollution gets everywhere, and it really does your family health no good at all, it is best to be smoke free. The UK wide-smoking ban should help, but you should also stay clear of traffic pollution where you can. Pollution is another cause of free-radicals in the body, which cause havoc and can even lead to illness and disease. You can fight these by eating antioxidant-rich foods such as strawberries, red wine and dark chocolate.

4. Stress – Stress is an unavoidable fact of life and it’s normal to feel stressed or anxious at some time. A certain amount of stress can be a good and positive thing as it keeps us lively and enthusiastic. Too much stress causes strain and tension and if those feelings persist or affect your life it’s important to seek help as it will not only effect your health but your family health as well. Although people react to stress in many different ways, the effects on our bodies is often the same.

Everyone experiences stress living in the modern world which encourages ambition, competitiveness, impatience, dissatisfaction, constant decisions or choice. If there are too many pressures or difficulties to solve at once, people sometimes feel they cannot cope. It’s not surprising that stress is a real problem and can be harmful so take time to relax, know your limits and find a balance in life that is right for you.

5. Mental Health – has an impact on so many areas of your life, including sleep, sex life, stress levels and even your ability to get pregnant. It is therefore essential to stay positive in difficult situations. Research has also suggested that people who are optimistic could live up to 12 years longer than those who are not. Plus do you want your kids growing up to become negative people?

Do not also forget that, today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.

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