Here’s what you need to understand and what papers to take along with you if your wanting to get a Swedish matrimony permit. I encourage obtaining this legal element of your wedding out of the way no less than 9 days before your wedding day time.

The first end needs to be at an area Tax Office (Lokala skattemyndigheten) to confirm what paperwork you ought to create and also to begin the researching into whether or not you’ll find impediments (hindersprovning) to your engaged and getting married.

ID, Residency and Document Requirement

You don’t have is a resident of Sweden to have partnered there. Sweden necessitates that your create certified delivery certificates, passports, and proof you are both solitary or absolve to wed via an individual reputation affidavit.

Because most associated with Consular solutions commonly supplying this type any more, if you should be an American, you ought to seek advice from an attorney and/or solutions of a notary (notarius publicus) in Sweden.

In Sweden, the evidence of unmarried condition are apparently unlike the Certificate of No Impediment, and both records are needed.

It’s also possible to need to provide a copy of the country or condition’s relationships license regulations. Ask your state clerk’s office to provide you with an authorized extract on the relationships statutes within state. The legislation should be stamped, dated, closed and licensed by a certified specialized. The Swedish income tax bodies may ask for a translation regarding the regulations.

Based on Swedish legislation, all non-residents/non-citizens of Sweden who wish to have married in Sweden should existing a document from their homes nation stating their own marital updates. While there is no national registry from inside the U.S., no comparable national data can be obtained through the U.S. However, specific states/counties may point a document regarding a person’s marital updates or a so-called “Record of No Record.” Consult your regional region Clerk’s office, or Crucial data company, to discover if such a document is available.

If you don’t, inquire work, when possible, to write down that no these types of document is present for the specific condition.

The Swedish taxation government are aware of the troubles in getting a document regarding marital reputation from U.S. If no these types of document exists from your home condition, as well as the district clerk’s company or important research company, wouldn’t provide you with an authored statement concerning the unavailability, the Swedish taxation authorities (Skatteverket) may waive this necessity. Always check with the income tax authorities.”

Wishing Stage

Nothing. However, the Certificate of No Impediment (hindersprovning) could need to feel submitted for 21 period prior to your own matrimony. Be sure to confirm your wedding day time and venue with a married relationship officiant about 30 days ahead of their marriage.

Other Exams and Fees

You will find not very likely additional tests or charges, but might be determined by your country of residence regarding if or not Sweden will maintain their own needs.

Charge: The costs getting married in Sweden change from area to area.

Previous Marriages

When your mate died, you ought to provide a professional, notarized backup of this dying certificate. If you’re separated, you need to render a certified, notarized copy of your last decree of divorce. Some root believe that you might also need certainly to reveal the relationships certificate of every past wedding.

You Are Able that your particular separation and divorce might have to getting affirmed by a Swedish Judge of Charm (Hovratten).

Same-Sex Matrimony

Since will 1, 2009, lgbt people can subscribe her partnerships and legally get married in Sweden.

Common-Law Matrimony:

n unmarried couple can reside along in a connection that will be much like marriage. The Cohabitation operate, “Sambolagen,” relates to offspring and typical homes when the commitment stops.

Years Prerequisite:

You have to be 18 years old to have partnered in Sweden.

Wedding Party

In Sweden, you may be partnered in both a civil or a spiritual ceremony.

You will get your own civil ceremony at a local region courtroom or urban area hall. We advice creating reservations for the municipal wedding ceremony at the very least fourteen days in advance of your wedding big date.

If you should be creating a religious ceremony, you should get in touch with the pastor of this chapel the place you need partnered to make sure that you really have satisfied the church’s needs getting hitched here. The conventional chapel of Sweden makes it necessary that one of you should be an associate of this chapel.


A marriage permit in Sweden is legitimate for 4 several months.

Marriage Certification

It is possible to acquire your marriage certificate (official enrollment) by calling the Swedish Tax Authorities (Skatteverket) at +46 200 270 73498, or you remain in Sweden, at 0771-778 778.

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