by HappyJack sunrays Sep 30, 2012 5:50 pm

I will be men in his 50’s who may have sporadically seriously considered an exact same intercourse experience for slightly over 10-12 years.I very first seriously considered they after my personal ex-wife brought up the lady interest. I discovered her way of thinking interesting as she had been interested as to the emotional facets of getting hetero and questioning if are such would allow this lady to enjoy giving and getting sexual joy to some other girl. She asked me personally basically had actually seriously considered they and at enough time I never had. She requested me to have some thought and I also did but i truly could not see whether they wold be a confident knowledge or perhaps not. I have constantly thought during the term, “the most significant gender organ is actually our very own mind.” and that I’ve long been interested in the mental components of peoples sexuality. However, once we did talk about the subject, I found it to be somewhat arousing and additionally she did and sometimes tried it in ‘sex talk’.

After the separation 7-8 years ago, I hardly ever considered they getting busy with lifetime and dating etc. After my final partnership I made the decision just to grab a rest and stay free of charge for a long time. Then the mind came back and I also decided i needed to get a much better knowledge of precisely why I had these thoughts and chose to do some research. Unfortunately there is not much available, at least in an intelligent fashion. I’ve been to a few community forums associated with intercourse looking to get an adult, meaningul debate with anyone, but-end upwards getting inundated with has of cyber gender, online cam-ing etcetera. which I’m not contemplating.

My interest are mufti-faceted and intricate and sometimes I believe embarrassed and puzzled sometimes but know i have to become an improved knowledge of this aspect of my personal sexuality.

I am not in search of guidance or solutions, additional only someone to jump feelings and thoughts away from without being evaluated or strike on.


Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by woodpecker Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:40 am

Hey Kevin, Im in my 50’s and get for some time today had a desire for providing a guy a blow task and merely getting naked with a guy and achieving soft fun. I am not interesestd in anal in any way, merely cock gamble truly becomes my personal interest, i am talking about does this generate myself homosexual? I do not think-so as I haven’t any need to ###$ a guy. Its strange not sure if I would personally experience the nerve to carry they though.

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by phxbot Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:49 pm

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by loise Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:39 pm

hello! i am in my 50’s and a female, however the final ages i understand that I was in deep love with a couple of women in my entire life. i can not imagine some facets of intimacy, we reject escort girls Pueblo CO it, but people appears most attractive.

I will be just discussing my life knowledge. because we are not a definition of anything, we walk, we lookup. sometimes we discover and sometimes we go on searching. i dated, little and ultimately thought crazy, with a gay friend, we made a decision to marry, we came across his latest companion. almost twenty five years residing as gay partners openly. my better half noticed it as a friendship. their associates as a marriage. I found myself young and also in prefer. so we hitched and had three young ones. i enjoyed him even though sex was not best. somewhat unsensitive. he had been maybe not regularly a lady. sooner we understood all of our differences and divorce or separation. now in my 50’s i ponder, how is it possible that I will be lesbian and that is why i did not self their gayness? at the conclusion of the trail, I believe that love understand no gender. it just occurs, additionally the actual exchange can be a present one of the ways or the different.

i’ve a crush with a heterosexual girl pal, whom i and others think had been an transgender, she looks like a guy, etc. victim of a conflict and human hormones much in her looks try changed. At feel at home with this lady. but i do n’t need to frighten the woman independent of the undeniable fact that I really do maybe not determine if this is just a fantasy or if perhaps I possibly could actually carry out a sexual operate with a woman.are we gay or otherwise not> tend to be we lesbian or not> exactly who cares. my exman has become matchmaking only female since we leftover each other and so the second element of his lifetime his has chosen getting heterosexual. which great with me. life is a search, and quite often the answers do not tottally show up. but it’s amazing exactly how much we sustain and sttruggle together with the titles. i want a woman but i do not want to-be lesbian. good luck!

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by HesDeltanCaptain Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:48 pm

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by april3ram2013 Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:07 am

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by HesDeltanCaptain Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:43 pm

As a bisexual my self we manage everybody’s naturally bi, and it’s that since copy needs heterosexual habits, many gravitate to it thinking since character arrange it that way, it needs to be “normal.” But something various other animals would can also be “normal” and because some 1500 types display homosexuality or simply homosexual behaviors, homosexuality, or higher probably bisexuality can be regular as heterosexuality. Selection of just who to pursue for intercourse is that, a variety. How selection is established are a more involved conversation, but we aren’t automotons, and wont fall dead if we not have gender. So choosing to make love after all entails choice.

In my opinion the issue aided by the whole homosexual or right or something more debate consist the way we feel some name familiar with describe orientation is employed, but until their actual development people were simply men, women, or some fascinating combination together with gender. A guy had been men no matter what exactly who or what he had intercourse with, and lots of guys are defacto bisexual, especially in specific societies like Greece and Rome. The thought of describing these women or men as right, homosexual, or bi merely never occured.

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