There’s 1,001 signal terms for all the huge S.E.X. But when you might think, only some of them have the dictionary. Most are truly dirty (believe all of us, you won’t want to look-up Alabama Hot wallet), plus some are just coded statement that people incorporate as innuendo once they’re ready to slip outa€”but don’t want to alert the complete company, celebration, or family members meal.

As you could be acquainted numerous synonyms for gender and sexy, here we have now put together a list of those ordinary, coded statement (the dirty types are a slideshow for another time). Thus, settle-back and make notes on how to signal your lover the next time you will want an easy escape.

afternoon delight

“Sky rockets in-flight / Afternoon pleasure.” An afternoon pleasure feels like a sweet treat available in the late daya€”maybe with a cup of tea. Really, it is a delicacy, nonetheless it doesn’t have anything regarding baked merchandise or tea.

“Afternoon Delight” could be the title of a 1976 song from the Starland voice Band. The tune, which contains innuendo about casual daytime intercourse (or an “afternoon delight”) got a winner. Because of the songa€™s recognition, afternoon delight is reputable as an expression for a midday intimate encounter, often between or versus booked events. For a more contemporary usage of the tune, consider Anchorman.


Diddle can mean “to waste time” or “to swindle some body” out-of a lot of cash. But, maybe not in this instance.

The term, which makes reference to “moving back-and-forth in a fast movement,” is in fact a cutesy strategy to say masturbating. It had been basic found in the 1950s, and can’t you simply imagine that prim and appropriate mommy from that period talking about this lady son’s diddling? Ha! No surprise he’s at this time in treatments.

Toma is founded on the every day Spanish verb tomar, “to get.” Grammatically, toma often means “he/she/it requires” and/or essential “take (anything).”

As a slang phase, toma is basically local, found in components of South America and Cuba. An equivalent slang term for toma is actually coger. In 2004, Cuban-American rapper Pitbull circulated a single with rap artist Lil John called “Toma,” where he utilizes the phrase in a sexually specific perspective. Into the track, their lyrics “Abre las pierna’/ y dale toma!” translate to “Open your own feet and embark on, go on it!” okay after that.


Smoosh just looks sexy. It reminds you of adorable pups with smooshed face (imagine mini bulldog, aww). But, this term could be a sexual label familiar with describe two-bodies “smooshing” together throughout the operate. Is sensible since smoosh’s formal definition was “to grind or push, specially to push down or in.” Image, no?

The Jersey coast’s Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) got among the first to utilize it throughout 2000s, accompanied by the figures of Southern playground into the 2015 spoof “It’s a Jersey Thing.”


Certain, you need the term smashed when discussing intoxication, but you can also use it to explain sex, naturally.

As defined in Randy Kearse’s publication road Talk: Da certified help guide to Hip-Hop & metropolitan Slanguage, smash would be that moment whenever a couple practice intercourse (and it ain’t the sweet and mild kinds). ?


“My personal milkshake delivers all young men to your lawn.” The tune “Milkshake” by Kelis was released in 2003 and peaked at number 3 from the Billboard Hot 100 data later that seasons.

As Kelis is vocal about a woman who is irresistible to guys, milkshake is actually a metaphor or euphemism, though their precise definition try unclear. Some people imagine milkshake makes reference to oral sex, as Kelis additionally sings about she could a€?teach youra€? about their remarkable milkshake. People envision milkshake symbolizes their boobs. Milkshake, most likely, has-been slang for a€?breastsa€? because 1910sa€”crazy, proper?

Kelis by herself has experimented with set to relax the dilemma about what milkshake means. Whenever song was launched in 2003, she said that milkshake is a thing sensual which makes a woman be noticed, as an example the chest or buttocks. In 2017, but Kelis reported that milkshake as a metaphor a€?means a lot of products,a€? but it’s meant to evoke the unique top quality which makes a female appealing, like a dessert or a delicious treat. So, put it to use however you wish . as long as it is for sexual information of course.

making bacon

Producing bacon appears quite innocenta€”and tasty. We could almost smelling the oil sizzling from the frypan.

But if not referencing items (or funds), this phrase can also imply intercourse. (Just ask 1970s indie band the chicken Dukes which performed regarding it within their track, “producing Bacon”). No genuine bacon required (unless you need to attempt something new).


Gazzing is quite near the phrase looking, that makes it sound particular enchanting (thought looking into each other’s attention).

But, you are probably perhaps not looking into anybody’s sight when you are executing this (according to The Big Black publication of really Dirty terminology b y Alexis Munier in 2010) a€”you’re as well busy having a climax to lock eyes with any person.

heavy petting

Beginning in 1952, the phrase hefty petting describes extreme caressing (you discover, down below) between two people in a hot and heavier make-out treatment. However, this operate normally ends up at petting and does not actually lead up to intercourse itself.


Twig-n-berries sets a picturesque nature scene when you discover they. However, metaphorically, there are no genuine fruits or twigs involved.

This expressiona€”which started to gain popularity on college campuses back the 2000sa€”is gender slang for a male’s erection. Not too scenic anymore.


You’ll find nothing cuter than a loveable, lively kittena€”but we aren’t talking about the feline here.

A kitty in intimate words makes reference to a woman’s vagina, a play off the word crotch, that might posses produced by the existing Norse word puss (meaning “pocket, pouch”) .

Just can’t become an adequate amount of all of our coded slang?

Browse the oldest slang statement for S.E.X. right herea€”even the Puritans wanted to explore sex somehow .

Can’t become enough? Then engage in some experimentation with your health-related sex terms and conditions that are sure to titillate the scientist that you experienced.

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