Delivering punctual and efficient solution is necessary to attract new customers, in addition to to hold established your. We feel that increase in business and design brand name appreciate is achievable merely by providing high quality service inside quickest feasible energy causing fast redressal of visitors complaints and grievances.:

The overview apparatus for grievance redressal should assist in identifying flaws in product functions and services delivery.

This DLSL grievance redressal policy aims at ensuing punctual redressal of client problems and grievances. It addresses the issues regarding treatments supplied by the outsourcing department.

So as to make Grievance Redressal apparatus most meaningful and successful, a structured system was accumulated towards these types of an-end. This system would guarantee that the redressal desired simply and fair, and is also inside the provided frame-work of guidelines and regulation.

In relation to grievance redressal methods, we have a devoted mail id presented on all of our website to lodge any grievance by any customer should they want to do so

1. an issue try an expression of unhappiness designed to a business, pertaining to the products it makes, or treatments, or perhaps the grievances’ handling processes itself, in which a response or solution is actually explicitly or implicitly forecast.

The explanation for customer criticism could be divided into two main categories:

The client has a right to join up his grievance if he could be not satisfied using treatments offered. You will find four tactics to lodge a complaint – physically, by phone, by mail/post or by e-mail/internet. Grievances gotten through all these networks must certanly be completed effortlessly and fast. If customer’s criticism is certainly not fixed within the given timeframe or if perhaps they are disappointed with all the resolution supplied by all of us, he is able to additionally means work of Non-Banking Ombudsman create by RBI with his problem.

2. Internal equipment to look at client complaints/ grievances:

2.1 Grievance Registration:

An individual may lodge an issue on telephone, in writing or through digital way, if he or she just isn’t content with the support offered by DLSL.

Agreements for getting problems and pointers receive hereunder.

Customer may name by below talked about services range nos to register his or her issue or he or she may more escalate focus as per matrix considering in Annexure-Escalation Grid. Each time a complaint label or post is actually gotten, sender obtains a reply back within three trading days acknowledging his or her grievance.

It is possible to get in touch with all of our support service center between 8:00AM to 8:00PM

Further anytime any problem are was given in the shape of a hardcopy for example. through any page etc, exact same try taped in a register. In every this type of matters, our very own representative calls/contact buyer from the original discover the exact nature of his or her issue.

About all issues was given through regulators, we record all this type of complaints in a complaint sign-up. After receiving and record such problems our representatives communications consumers also learn the important points from the complaint to eliminate them on urgent grounds.

2.2 Complaints directly:

a problem guide can be acquired at branches. A client can acquire it from the department and record their grievances therein.

Customer may use complaint/visitors book stored at department regarding feedback/suggestions for enhancement inside our products and services.

2.3 Call Center:

Complaints could be lodged at DLSL’s Call Centre on below talked about nos

It is possible to reach out to our very own customer service heart between 8:00AM to 8:00PM

Each time a grievance label is obtained, sender receives an answer right back guaranteeing acknowledgement of his ailment.

2.4 problems through mail/e-mail:

Customer may send problem by article or through email. Complaints received by email will probably be acknowledged by e-mail. When a complaint telephone call is gotten, transmitter gets an answer straight back guaranteeing acknowledgement of their complaint.

3.Resolution of Grievances:

3.1 Grievances regarding attitudinal items:

These types of issues should really be taken care of courteously, sympathetically and above all swiftly. Misbehaviour/rude habits with clients become managed at Zero endurance level and immediate actions will be taken. DLSL, on no account, tolerate misbehaviour of any level by staff members.

3.2 Grievances regarding transactions /operations:

Primarily, branch is in charge of the resolution of complaints/grievances inside class. Branch could be in charge of guaranteeing rectification of entryway / exchange or fulfillment of users. It will be the main responsibility of this part observe that the criticism is remedied towards customer’s satisfaction of course, if they are unhappy, next to give you your with alternate avenues to escalate the issue. In case, it isn’t getting resolved at department degree, they’re able to refer possible to hq for guidance/resolution.

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