Nothing Plain About This Jane

The Collective go au naturel

plain janeIf you were to go into the homes of most of the UK and look into their fridge, there are a few essential items you might find. These usually include, butter, eggs, ketchup and for a lot of people nowadays, the ever popular plain yoghurt. The versatility of plain yoghurt is the attraction for most of us; we can have it for breakfast, with some granola and fruit, or use it in our cooking to create an array of dishes.
The Collective, makers of gourmet yoghurt, have taken on board what you, the consumer, has been saying and after hearing how we all love plain yoghurt; because, we can do as we wish with it, it has launched Plain Jane. This thick and creamy sweetened yoghurt is the base for all its scrumptious fruit and confectionary flavoured yoghurts and is like no other out there. Plain Jane comes in a 500g tub and can be used to make everything from a moreish cheesecake to a delightful summer berry smoothie. She is also a delight eaten straight up, it turns out Plain Jane is not so plain after all!
With a touch of honey and only 5% fat, Plain Jane is not too tart, not too sweet and is produced using only the finest West Country milk. Available now in Waitrose and Ocado with a RRP of £2.19, Plain Jane is the perfect essential to always have in your fridge.
For some inspiration on how to make your Plain Jane not so Plain, The Collective and their herd of consumers as well as pioneer of Brit/Asian cooking Angela Malik, have come up with a selection of mouth-watering recipes for you to try your hand at, which include 7 recipes, ideal for some Plain Jane action each day of the week.

Check out some of our Plain Jain recipes!

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