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A pot tower is a simple yet wonderfully decorative idea for any garden, terrace or balcony. We show you how…

This is such a great way to showcase colourful bedding plants in a relatively cost-effective and space-saving way. If done properly, you won’t see the pole at all and the kids will think it is magic!
The multiple pots at varying heights and angles will add interest to any space, inside or out, and be a great way to show off your favourite plants. You could also use these jauntily displayed pots to grow herbs, strawberries or even the tumbling variety of tomatoes! The choice is yours. You can use any pots you have for this, but it is advisable and preferable if they diminish in size the higher they go, as this will ensure they balance safely.

How to make it

The construction is quite simple, and the weight of the pots makes the tower surprisingly stable.

1. Firstly, ensure that the pole is in the ground securely.

2. Tip the pots so each leans to the opposite side of the one below.

3. Once in place, fill each pot with compost and your desired plant.

You will need

A steel fence pin
– we have used a fence pin here with a hook so you will need to feed the pots from the bottom before you secure the pin in the ground.

A mallet to ensure your pin is deep enough into your soil to hold it safely in place – remember, it’s not just the pots it will be supporting but the weight of the plants and soil, too.

Pots – measure the holes in the base of your pots with the pin BEFORE you secure it. If you need to, it is relatively simple to drill wider holes with an electric drill. We have used glazed ceramic pots, but you can opt for anything you want.

Soil/potting compost
– this display includes (from the top down) fuchsia, dianthus, campanula, armeria and osteospermum.

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