Happy Halloween!

The local witch is getting ready for Halloween and has washed her clothes to look her best! This project will look like bunting once you peg all the items on the twine


You will need

All Halloween templates

cat’s face



Black felt, at least 25cm x 20cm
Orange and white felt, at least 10cm x 5cm
Black, orange and white embroidery thread
10cm of thin orange satin ribbon for the hat
50cm of twine and 8 mini wooden pegs


Scissors (paper, fabric and embroidery)
Pen or pencil Embroidery needle

To make up

1 Cut out the templates and transfer to the felt. You will need to cut two of each item, but only one cat face, plus four stockings and four shoes. Make sure you only cut the curve in the neckline of the dress for the front.

2 Split your thread and use only one strand.

The dress: Place the front on to the back and sew the side seams and sleeves with blanket stitch in orange. Blanket stitch the neckline too.

The bloomers: Add orange French knots all over. Sew the front and back together with blanket stitch, leaving the waist and bottom of the legs open. Use three strands of thread to tie around the knees with a bow. Trim off the ends.

The shoes: Sew front and back together and add a bow for the laces with two or three strands of thread.

The hat: Sew the front and back together with blanket stitch. Place the ribbon around the base, cross the ends over and stitch in place. Trim the ends with a V-shape as shown.

The cat: Place the face on top of the front body. Attach with white blanket stitch. Add French knots for the eyes and nose and a few small stitches for the mouth. Sew the front and back together with blanket stitch.

The stockings: Stitch the front and back together with blanket stitch. With a length of full-thickness thread, sew through the two layers (front and back) to create the stripes, a little bit like long straight stitches parallel to each other. Leave the heel plain and hide the ends inside.

3 When all items are finished, hang them on the twine with the wooden pegs.

From Fabulous Felt by Corinne Lapierre (£12.99, searchpress.com)

Hang the bunting in your window and add toy spiders and fake cobwebs to create the right atmosphere.


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