Happy Halloween

From bobbing for apples to carving pumpkins, Halloween is surrounded with tradition. Here are some strange and spooky Halloween traditions from around the world:

  • 78519350In Germany it is tradition to put all knives away on Halloween, in the belief that it prevents passing spirits from getting hurt.
  • Portuguese families celebrate the day with feasts of wine and chestnuts at the cemetery, as they gather to remember their dead.
  • Japan’s Obon Festival is similar to Halloween and is celebrated with the hanging of bright led lanterns.
  • In China, the Halloween festival Teng Chieh commemorates lost loved ones with a religious ceremony, where bonfires or lanterns are lit and food and water are placed in front of photographs of family members.
  • In Austria, a lamp is lit and bread and water are left on the table before bed to welcome dead souls back.





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