Genius jewellery packing hacks for your holidays

After so many lockdowns and travel restrictions, lots of people around the UK are booking holidays and starting to look forward to travelling again. But, while we’re all looking forward to seeing new places, being on the beach, and exploring, we’re probably not as thrilled about having to organise and pack everything for a trip.

The experts at Ramsdens Jewellery have shared useful hacks for keeping your trinkets safe while you travel. Of course,make sure to double-check your local and national coronavirus restrictions when arranging your holiday, and adjust your travel dates and plans accordingly. Jack Jahan, Ecommerce Marketing Manager at Ramsdens Jewellery, told us travelling with jewellery can be a little stressful, as many people are very attached to certain pieces and want to be sure they won’t be broken or lost in transit. But there are so many little hacks you can use to keep everything organised and secure, so it’s easy to take your favourite pieces on holiday with you. You can try various DIY techniques, and if you prefer, there’s always the option of buying a travel jewellery case that is designed to be strong enough to withstand long journeys. With so many options, you should be able to take your jewellery with you for that all-important holiday after we open up across the UK and internationally.”

Put earrings in buttons to keep the pairs together

Do you always find that your earrings are all separated out of their pairs and mixed up when you take them out of your jewellery box? This hack can solve that!

Take a pair of earrings, and place each one into the holes in a button, securing them with the backing part. You should have a pair of earrings neatly held together by the button. Do this with each of your earring pairs, and then place the buttons in your jewellery box or bag. When you take them out, they’ll be neatly paired up!

Use straws to stop your necklaces getting tangled

To prevent your fine chain necklaces getting tangled, you can thread the chain through a straw. Then, close the clasps of the necklace and the straw will keep the chain straight and free from knots, ready for you to wear when you reach your destination.

Try using a paper plate as a jewellery holder

This one might seem strange, but paper plates make great jewellery holders! You can pierce the plate with a fork or a pin, and put your earrings and necklaces through the plate. Try storing the paper plate in a vacuum bag to keep everything extra neat.

Store jewellery in a rolled-up towel to avoid damage

Packing jewellery inside a rolled-up towel can protect it from possible damage in transit, as well as keeping it neatly in one place. Lay out a small towel on a table, and then place your jewellery on it. Roll up the towel, and then secure the ends with hair bands to keep your trinkets safely inside. This is also a good storage technique if you’re travelling with a smaller bag or suitcase, as rolled up clothes and towels tend to take up less space than folded ones.

Try sticking your earrings in an old pencil eraser

For an easy, quick solution when you’re running late to the airport, you can stick your earrings into a spare pencil eraser. This will keep the earrings safe and in a pair. Just remember to also stick the backs in the eraser, or store them somewhere else, so you don’t miss them when you arrive at your destination.

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