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Wills – Stop disputes after death

Nobody really wants to think about what will happen when they die. But if you don’t make a Will you will leave stress, confusion and possible financial hardship to your family you leave behind.

If you don’t make a will, what you own is distributed by law rather than how you would have wanted. Under the laws in England and Wales anyone who dies without a will, dies ‘intestate’ and has their estate (everything you own minus any outstanding debts) divided up according to strict rules.

As well as making sure your estate is divided how you want it to be, your Will is the best place to specify who becomes guardian of any children and to detail what you would like to leave to them.

Five reasons to make a Will today:

  1. If you are married, the first £125,000 worth of your assets will go to your spouse, with the rest divided between your children and other family members. Your surviving spouse may get less than you would have wanted them to. It can mean that the surviving spouse has to negotiate with relatives and pay them thousands of pounds, just to allow them to stay in their own home!
  2. If you are not married, but are living with your partner, be aware that the law does not treat you as a married couple but as two separate individuals. Your surviving partner may get nothing and could lose their home.
  3. If you are unmarried and have children, your children may be looked after by someone you yourself may not have chosen.
  4. If you marry, or remarry your marriage will cancel any previous will. If you die when you are married to someone (even if you have separated) they will be treated as your spouse for inheritance purposes – and they not your current partner and children will receive your personal possessions and the first £125,000 of your estate.
  5. Discussions over’ who gets what’ can disrupt family relationships. By making a Will, you can give specific gifts to friends, relatives, loved ones and charities.

There are many different options when it comes to writing your Will ranging from a personal consultation with a solicitor to online will writing services or Will kits. Some options can be costly with solicitor’s fees starting from £200.

We are pleased to now be working with Lawpack to be able to offer you their affordable Will packs at a discounted price.

The Will pack includes:

  • A Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Will forms to be completed
  • Other estate planning documents
  • Useful glossary of legal terms
  • Will forms on CD

If you would like to purchase a will pack for £12.50 please contact our Customer Services Team on  FREEPHONE 0800 814 5400

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