Amanda’s pillow talk

toblerone Lee Janogly is sooo right about getting temptation out of the house. I managed to banish the mince pies and custard before they became a breakfast staple, but nothing prepared me for the rogue giant Toblerone I found lurking in the cupboard – who knew the kids would scorn that luscious chocolate because it was too ‘chewy’?

In the true spirit of the self-deceiving dieter, I ate it standing up over the course of five days. It can’t be that fattening split up like that, can it? Oh yes it can – my youngest daughter, Katy, ran towards me for a hug yesterday morning and was immediately enveloped by my tummy like a crash test dummy hitting an airbag. “Ooh it’s like a pillow Mummy,” she said in a slightly muffled voice. I couldn’t speak – my mouth was wedged open with an oversized triangle of chocolate. All I could do was mug, Miranda-style, to an imaginary camera, “Pillow! Did she say ‘pillow’?”

Katy’s been downloading samples of Davina McCall’s workout ever since, pointing out the exercises designed for my hidden ‘abs’.

So I can’t avoid it any longer. Doughnut the greyhound and I are going to have to hit the road. It may well have to be under cover of darkness – as an ex-racer, Doughnut managed 30mph so he has a reputation to protect and he’s very easily embarrassed.

Jog on – that’s my message to that extra stone that appears to have crept up on me – as soon as it stops snowing of course. How are your new year’s resolutions shaping up? Let me know – I need shaming into action!


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  1. Terri Lucas says:

    I fully understand where your coming from, I’ve got a gastric band fitted yet I still suffer with my weight; especially chocolate. My dad, god rest him was a chocoholic and he always told me I am a chocoholic too. I love sweet things. Apart from that I can successfully diet with Weight Watchers.

  2. Clare Green says:

    Alas it is not only kids that find Toberlone to be a tad rough on the jaws/teeth – this is the only chocolate Mr Green will leave intact. Like you I adopted the one piece a day method of disposal that was until yesterday when I was having a sort through some jeans. Who needs a diet club when the humiliation of hardly warn jeans that won’t do up are piling up in the spare room?Needless to say the choccy is now in the bin.

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