Are British ladies conservative dressers?

Are British ladies conservative dressers?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve preferred to stick with more flattering hemlines, and I’d like to think that I always stick with the rule of boobs or legs, and never both.

And it seems that covering up is not just something reserved for us over-50s, but something ladies across Britain are embracing.

A new survey from French designer Georgede shows that British women are some of the most covered-up in Europe, wearing less revealing tops and longer skirts than our continental counterparts.

Apparently skirts in Britain tend to hang an average 10cm longer than those worn by Italian and French women, with the majority of us keen to cover up our upper arms, cleavages and legs above the knee.

French and Italian women were shown to wear the shortest skirts, followed by the Spanish, Germans, Scandinavians, Austrians and then us Brits.
Only ladies from Luxembourg wear longer skirts than us, supposedly.

Looking at the women on the high street this seems hard to believe, but it seems that according to the survey under-35s were a little more open to baring their legs or cleavage – which makes sense really.

I wouldn’t say I was a conservative dresser, but I’m rather proud of this research to be honest.

It’s nice for British women to move away from the stereotypes of revealing a little too much flesh, especially on nights out.

Kate Moss recently commented that women should dress a little classier and cover up, as less is more, and it’s this influence of some our most famous faces that are probably helping this trend.

Take Kate Middleton for example, she’s never spotted with a plunging neckline or short dresses and yet we can’t get enough of her chic style!

Designers are also helping, as maxi dresses and peter pan collars remain firm staples for summer.

Do you class yourself as a conservative dresser, or are you just being stylish?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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