Are DIY Louboutin heels a step too far?

Are DIY Louboutin heels a step too far?

I may not be especially cash rich but I’m a sucker for designer labels.

From my Prada handbag to my DKNY watch, a lot of it is fake but the luxury look is the statement I want to make – even if I don’t fancy the price tags of buying the real thing!

Today I read claims that Homebase have seen sales of Home Colour tester pots of shocking red colours Flame and Show Stopper shoot up by 40 per cent in a year, all because customers are trying to create their own DIY Louboutins at home.

I’ve long been an admirer of Christian Louboutin’s red-soled designer heels, however at an average cost of £600 a pair I can see why people are forgoing the real thing for homemade copies.

After all painting the soles of your shoes is nothing new, as the French designer himself only painted his at the last minute with an assistant’s nail varnish as his models were about to step out on the catwalk.

Now they’re a style staple for the rich and famous, with mere mortals like myself left with standard black-soled heels.

Well not for much longer!

Using a pair of classic black peep-toe heels I’ve got at home (I think they only cost me around £40) I’m going to try and create my very own cheat’s Louboutins.

Firstly I’ll need to cover the rest of the shoe so there are no unwanted marks, masking tape should do the job – it works on the windowsills anyway!

Using a thin, small brush I’m priming the sole of the shoe with a multi-purpose primer, then painting it with a bright red gloss colour.

Then as every DIY goddess knows you need to set the colour, so a quick coat of surface sealer on top once it’s dried is a must.

Leave them overnight in a well-ventilated room and voila they’re done!

My friends are going to be so jealous.

Are homemade Louboutins a step too far for you?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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