Are fast eating habits ruining our taste buds?

Are fast eating habits ruining our taste buds?

Eating on the go is a regular habit of mine, unfortunately meaning I rarely sit down to enjoy my food, rather it is merely another thing to incorporate into my multitasking.

A new study out from Mindlab has shown that we’ve in fact become a nation of ‘mindless eaters’, as we try and consume meals amid our hectic work schedules.

This means that apparently only 28 per cent of us savour our food as we eat it, while around 60 per cent rarely or never properly taste their food because they eat so quickly.

Participants in the research were found to less able to identify ingredients in their food if they’d eaten it rapidly and while doing something else.

According to Dr David Lewis who ran the study for Glorious: “The abundance of great flavours and the range of food experiences have never been more plentiful in the UK, nor more diverse, yet our findings suggest consumers are lazy when it comes to tasting and appreciating their food.”

This seems like a real shame, especially as I like to consider myself a bit of a foodie.

Eating lunch at my desk is something I wish I could avoid, as it definitely causes me to look less at what I’m eating and usually eat a bit more.

When the weather is nice it’s great to get outside the office and sit back and enjoy my food, but it seems that the sunshine has disappeared again.

I think if I’m going to spend money on making nice lunches, and I quite frequently do like to try homemade things, I really ought to give them the attention they deserve.

Perhaps stepping out of the office or just going to sit in the work kitchen could be the way to do this – plus having a little break would definitely help!

Posted by Mandy Jones

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