Are sporty women becoming more attractive?

Are sporty women becoming more attractive?

The Olympics were inspirational in so many ways. There was the obvious sporting prowess, amazing feats of endurance and brilliant sportsmanship.

Another thing you’ll have noticed is the prominence of female athletes, especially on the podiums!

It seems that all this sporting success may have also changed what men find attractive, as I’ve come across a poll today from Lynx which suggests that 63 per cent more men are now keen to find themselves a sporty type after watching the 2012 Games.

I can’t say I’m surprised, what with the gorgeous Jessica Ennis and Victoria Pendleton flying the Team GB flag.

But, while I love to exercise it’s never a hobby I’ve thought of as particularly attractive.

However, I’ve been inspired by all the glamorous athletes to inject a little style into my gym look.

Starting with my hair, a tightly-pulled back ponytail is always a classic option, but I think plaits are the way forward if I want to stay up-to-date.

If you’ve got long hair then a side plait looks really neat, although to take your hair away from your face, a face-framing French plait can be a top choice, especially if you twist it round into a bun at the back.

When it comes to makeup, this is totally down to personal preference.

I don’t like to clog my pores full of foundation, however making sure my brows are neat and tidy is definitely a must.

A little waterproof mascara makes sense on holiday, and saves reapplying after swimming as well.

I wouldn’t recommend going over the top with cosmetics, but to keep skin in tip-top condition before and after exercising it pays to drink plenty of water, and having the odd dry body brushing session to remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling reinvigorated and smooth.

How do you stay chic while exercising?

Posted by Mandy Jones

Date Posted: 28/08/2012

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