Are you ever too old to wear a bikini?

Are you ever too old to wear a bikini?

It’s that time of year again, I’m packing for my holiday and I’ve hit my yearly dilemma – am I too old to pack a bikini?

I’m 54 years old so not exactly over-the-hill yet I don’t think! But still I worry whether now’s the time to give in and switch to my costume.

I’ve discussed this issue with friends and it seems to be a matter of personal preference and also weight, with slighter people feeling less conscious to bare their bellies on the beach.

New research from catalogue retailer shows that 70 per cent of Brits think that women should stop wearing bikinis when they hit the age of 39.

This is ridiculous! Who hasn’t seen Helen Mirren’s classic bikini snaps well into her 60s?

I’ve not got a figure to be ashamed of, it’s just my kids moaning at me to ‘dress my age’ that gets me thinking.

After talking about it with my husband he thinks it’s silly for me to get worked up about it and to just wear my bikini.

I think I agree with it, and I really would like an all over-tan if possible.

Perhaps in holiday snaps I’ll tie a sarong around my middle to cover up any creases, but other than that to hell with it, I’m packing the bikini!

After all, there are always plenty of old men wandering around in Speedos and if they’re not ashamed of their bodies then neither should I be.

I’m proud of my body and if I’m honest I do like the double takes I get on holiday when people try to work out my age.

Will you ever give up the bikini or is there an age when enough is enough?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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