Are you going blonde for summer?

Are you going blonde for summer?

Ask any hairdresser and they’ll tell you, in winter people dare to go darker but in summer it’s far lovelier to lighten your locks.

I keep spotting friends of mine with slightly lighter hair and seeing as how the sun isn’t going to brighten up my mane then I guess I might turn to the bottle.

My hair is naturally blonde, although it’s more ash than golden, which is why I tend to dye it or get the odd few highlights streaked through to give it a little lift.

It’s easier for me to just tell my colourist to take me a couple of shades lighter, but I can’t imagine going as drastic as X Factor judge Tulisa who recently went all the way from dark chocolate brown to champagne blonde.

But switching your colour is easier said than done, especially according to her hair dresser.

Jamie Stevens’ salon undertook the treatment, with his sister and head colourist Tasha Stevens tasked with making the dramatic colour change.

Firstly Ms Stevens said that the Young singer’s hair went a patchy ginger, far from the champagne sandy blonde she was after.

After six hours of correcting, deep conditioning and colouring she finally managed, although it was certainly a challenge!

“This colour is an expensive champagne blonde and suits Tulisa’s skin tone more than a platinum white would. She’s got warm skin and beautiful blue eyes and this really complements her look, it’s a love classy shade,” she went on to say.

I’m not sure if it’s the shock of seeing Tulisa with blonde locks or not, but perhaps it’s a little too dramatic a change for me.

I think if I was her maybe I’d want to do it more gradually, easing myself and everyone else around me into it because it can really transform how you look!

Also don’t underestimate the hidden costs of a dramatic hair colour change, remember many makeup shades and clothing colours won’t look so hot with your new look.

Are you lightening your locks for summer?

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