Are you going grey gracefully?

Are you going grey gracefully?

Grey hair can have a bit of a stigma attached to it, but there comes a choice for everyone when they have to decide, do you fight or embrace your new hair colour.

Going grey can happen at almost any age, at 53 I’ve got quite a few greys but it’s not taken over just yet. However, my husband’s hair has been silver since his late 30s.

It really is the luck of the draw!

Tracy Booton, senior barber and educator from The Gentry Grooming Co, claimed that grey hair occurs “when the production of melanin decreases or stops. A lack of pigmentation and melanin over time causes the colour of the hair to change,” she explained.

But, regardless of the science behind it, how should we embrace our new hair shade?

Ms Booton suggests that while women are happy to dye their hair if they don’t like the colour, men either find it a knock to their confidence or a distinguishing feature.

My husband Paul certainly enjoys it and thinks of himself as somewhat of a silver fox – although he’s no George Clooney!

The barber went on to say that there’s no reason that you can’t still look youthful with grey hair.

“Find yourself a good barber or stylist who can work with your natural hair giving a more trendy haircut, this will give you a new youthful look,” she said.

This is certainly one trick to growing grey gracefully and could be a lot cheaper than getting involved in hair dying.

Rather than forking out a lot of money on expensive permanent hair dye I’ve started to just go to a nicer hair salon, where I know I’ll get plenty of attention and a stylish cut to boot.

Who says grey hair adds years on?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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