Are you sold on ‘vintage’ goods?

Are you sold on 'vintage' goods?

One word that I can’t seem to escape from at the minute is vintage.

Vintage clothing, vintage furniture, vintage jewellery, you name it, us Brits are mad for it.

According to Past Times, its website has experienced a 44 per cent annual increase in people searching for the term vintage, with Google UK witnessing a 32 per cent rise in searches for this word since the end of 2010.

It really is quite a trend, but what does it even mean?

Vintage is essentially old, and while I like fashion with a history it seems that everything and anything can be termed vintage at the moment.

Going into specialist shops I can tell that most of it looks like tat you might find in the back of your wardrobe, with half of it barely ten years old it seems that there’s no limit on what constitutes vintage.

This season there’s been a huge revival in all things 60s, with people like Lana del Rey and Michelle Williams rocking the retro hairstyles and tiny, coloured shift dresses to great effect.

Rather than forking out for so-called ‘vintage’ items from your local store, why not go straight to the owners themselves?

My mum might not be the most fashionable 60-something in town but back in the day she never scrimped on looking good.

Over the weekend she was clearing out the attic and I volunteered to help, only to be sent home with a suitcase full of fab little dresses and blouses.

I’ve saved myself a lot of money and my mum a lot of time taking them to the charity shop. Also at least I know that these clothes are actually vintage!

Do you buy into the vintage trend or do you think it’s a rip-off?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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