Avoid the rows on holiday this year

Avoid the rows on holiday this year

I love a good family holiday with my husband but sometimes I think back wistfully to our romantic jaunts before we became parents.

Perhaps it’s rose-tinted glasses, but I think of them as overridingly fun and happy experiences.

So I must admit I was a little shocked to hear that around 79 per cent of couples claim to have at least two big arguments on a fortnight’s break, with two-thirds having a tiff every day they are away.

It must be exhausting! Holidays are a time for relaxing, not getting your blood pressure up with a screaming match.

Apparently, the number one cause of a holiday argument is men checking out other ladies in their bikinis, but a close second is quarrelling about what to spend the day doing – sunbathing or other activities.

Map reading skills, or the lack thereof, drinking too much and spending too much money are also in the top ten.

Now I think about it, perhaps a few choice word were exchanged a time or two about the absolutely gorgeous pashmina that I had to have.

And then when he wanted to go scuba diving and all I could think about was sea monsters and scenes from Jaws.

I think it’s all about mind-set. If you are determined to have a good time and you know you look pretty good in that new 50s-style one-piece you got for the trip, it’s much easier to let little niggles wash over you.

And if you know you look your best on the beach, you’ll know he’ll only have eyes for you when you hit the coast.

Either that, or you should both invest in some ultra-dark shades so you don’t know where the other person is look. Much safer that way.

How do you make sure you feel your best on the beach?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

Date Posted: 08/08/2012

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