Avoiding indigestion during the festive period

Avoiding indigestion during the festive period

With Christmas comes a whole array of festive food and drink to enjoy, but with an abundance of treats it’s easy to overindulge and be faced with indigestion.

To avoid this problem Dr Cory Holly, nutritionist and founder of the Cory Holly Institute, offers family health tips sure to help you enjoy yourself without upsetting your stomach.

Dr Holly suggests that people should try to eat slowly and “don’t put too much food on your plate at one time”.

“University research proves that eating quickly reduces food digestion and utilisation, increases symptoms of indigestion and packs on the weight [and] body fat,” he went on to add.

To reduce the likelihood of gaining excess pounds during the Christmas holiday season you might find it beneficial to eat small courses more frequently.

The nutrition expert also advises that at the dinner table you should aim for a medley of food colours and try not to snack before mealtimes.

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Date Posted: 07/12/2011

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