Birthday celebrations!

birthday celebrationsI fully intended to politely gloss over my birthday this year – we’re more or less in quarantine with exam fever anyway – Cleo’s in the middle of A levels, Ella’s still away finishing hers at uni and I’m buried under piles of marking most evenings as my students’ course comes to an end, but thanks to Facebook you can’t even hide from your own birthday. And I’d also reckoned without two very secretive daughters and some fab friends. I’d arranged to go for a quiet drink with Vix after work, forgetting that that’s like arranging to go for a short stroll with the marines. Sure enough, I emerged blinking from my last class to find Vix installed in the college reception clad in a pink party dress winking conspiratorially at the security guys as she attempted to conceal herself behind a pot plant. “Happy Birthday!” she cried, leaping out brandishing two fizzing mini bottles of Prosecco, complete with raspberry striped straws.

Ten minutes later we were in a posh pizza place in Covent Garden where, right at the back of the restaurant I recognised a distinctive swishy ponytail at the balloon-bedecked table in front of me. Not only had Ella snuck down from Manchester for the night, but Cleo had abandoned her revision for the evening to join the party. Between them they’d organised the restaurant, the friends and the babysitting.

All I had to do was open the presents and beam for the pictures – which are probably on Facebook already – how does that happen again?

Posted by Amanda Blinkhorn 

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  1. Mollie says:

    I thought the family not going to recognise my 70th on 1st July as nothing has been mentioned, but yesterday I was given by my wonderful husband the details if a cruise to Norway! On my bucket list, how fab, I love him, and when we get back the family says there is another surprise day out, how lucky am I?

  2. Marie Evans says:

    Happy Birthday on the 1st July Mollie.What a lovely surprise from your hubby,My birthday is this week the 27th my hubby keeps asking me what day it is lol.No surprises for me though i have at to tell him what to get me lol.
    He can look out if he forgets my card lol thats the only day i expect a card as i feel it’s special to me.Have a great time on your cruise.

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