Body beautiful

Body beaut

The lovely Kirsty Allsopp wrote a tweet after my own heart the other day when she pointed out that an unexpected heatwave had caught her pins completely unprepared.

“Allegedly at end of day Summer will be here, going to have to explain this gently to legs, can’t just whip off tights & expect them to cope,” she wrote.

I had the same feeling about my whole body last week. Outside it was T-shirt weather (briefly), but I could barely shed pull down the hood of my duffle coat because of the horror of what lay beneath.

My hair had clearly been plugged into some kind of static charger overnight which showed up my split ends and overgrown fringe a treat. My upper arms could easily be mistaken for some new arrival on the Lidl deli counter (hmm Blinkwurst – goes well with an oaky Chardonnay). The legs, again ok with a spot of colour, but I can’t expose my naked trotters without seeking professional help.

Which is why I ended up sitting upstairs at our local beauty emporium on Saturday afternoon, trying to justify the cost of my spending £16.50 on my tootsies. I took the logical approach by working out the cost of the alternative, which would mean keeping them covered up for the rest of the summer. To start with, I rationalised, I would have to spend £10 reheeling my two surviving pairs of boots, and I was clean out of socks, so I would have to invest at least £6 for seven pairs. That left a net cost of 50p for my pedicure, which when divided by ten came to a very cost effective 5p per toe.

Next week, we can move on to the bikini area, waxing vs laser treatment, a comparative cost analysis. I may even bring a spreadsheet…

I’m not Candis’ finance editor for nothing you know.

Posted by Amanda Blinkhorn

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