Can you ever exercise successfully with glasses on?

Can you ever exercise successfully with glasses on?

I’m lost without my glasses, and there are few occasions I’ll actually take them off – even when it comes to exercising.

I’ve even been known once or twice to wear them down the local pool!

But with more strenuous exercise, like my zumba classes for instance, it can be difficult to keep my glasses on.

Mary Comber, editor of Health & Fitness, claims that before embarking on a fitness regime those of us who wear ordinary glasses can find ourselves in a spot of bother.

“Sweating can create a problem – glasses can slip down your nose – and when doing vigorous exercise such as dancing for example, or inverted yoga poses, they can fall off,” she said.

Meanwhile in cold weather it’s easy for lenses to steam up.

While I’m not as keen on contact lenses, I can see the need for them when I’m being particularly active.

Although Ms Comber does claim that running can be a good form of exercise if you’d prefer not to put lenses in, “as long as glasses are a good fit”.

Plenty of my friends rave about the freedom of not having to wear glasses, but to me they’re part of my identity and I feel a bit naked without them.
But when I’m exercising I don’t really have to, not with the invention of sport-specific prescription eyewear.

My optician is always telling me about wrap-around styles I can try for active workouts, such as cycling or even zumba, with anti-glare lenses developed for road running.

I’ve already got my hands on some prescription goggles, which mean I can swim a lot more confidently, without worrying about my glasses getting splashed or losing contact lenses.

Are you a glasses wearer? What eyewear do you use to exercise?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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