Can you handle National No Makeup Day?

Can you handle National No Makeup Day?

I very rarely leave the house without my makeup on, and it seems I’m not alone in this as 70 per cent of British ladies don’t feel confident going to work without their full face on.

While the study, commissioned by the Vitality Show, could show that we Brits are taking care of our appearances, it’s also a little scary how much we rely on our slap to help us feel good about ourselves.

More than half of women polled said that they didn’t mind seeing friends, family or their partner without makeup on, however nearly two-thirds wear it every day to work.

But why is this? Surely we can’t be wearing all this foundation and mascara to impress our bosses?

This week women around the UK are being urged to celebrate National No Makeup day by going bare faced and beautiful on Thursday March 22nd so I think I’ll give it a go.

Makeup can make me feel more confident, and often more alert, but I should be judged on my abilities and not just my appearance – even if my makeup is flawless!

Rather than looking worn out and tired I’m going to make sure I have plenty of sleep between now and Thursday and try to keep up with my skincare regime.

I might even try and locate some blotting paper in case my skin looks a bit shiny by the afternoon, not a touch of powder in sight!

The next trick up my sleeve is to dress to impress, so I’ll dig out my favourite purple wrap-around dress.

This shows off my feminine figure and always makes me feel pretty positive about myself, especially when I’ve tousled my hair into loose waves.

There’s so much more to my look than simply makeup, so I’ll be glad to give my face a break.

Can you handle the makeup free challenge?

Posted by Mandy Jones.

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