Can you trust home-whitening kits?

Can you trust home-whitening kits?

There isn’t a celebrity in Tinseltown without pearly white teeth.

Most of them have veneers, but even still this is a growing trend right now, as everyone goes in search of the perfect smile.

I must admit that I now only ever buy whitening toothpaste, not that I’m convinced it works but it’s certainly cheaper than my other options.

Home-whitening kits are rising in popularity, and I know lots of people who have tried them out and seen positive results.

I’ve been put off by stories of them harming the enamel on your teeth and actually causing discoloration if used over a long period of time. I’m not saying they all do this, but it has made me a little concerned about taking my whitening to the next level.

Cosmetic dentist Dr Maurice Johannes, from the Harley Street Smile Clinic claims that while home kits can be effective, the results won’t be as white as a professional treatment.

“Shops are not licensed to sell whitening products with as strong a bleaching agent as a dentist can prescribe. A visit to your dentist for tooth whitening would always be advised over a shop bought whitening kit,” he advised.

Dr Johannes also gave an interesting insight into the practise, explaining that not everyone is suitable for whitening treatments.

A dentist will take a full medical history, meaning the ingredients used will hopefully not be of harm.

If it’s a throw up between whitening kits from the dentist and laser whitening treatments, he added that they “all produce the same results in the end,” meaning it depends largely on how much money you’re willing to spend.

I think I’m happy sticking with my whitening toothpastes for now, but this is definitely a cosmetic procedure which I might be interested in getting in the future.
Is your whitening toothpaste doing the job or have you opted for something new?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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