Can’t afford a haircut? Change your parting

Can't afford a haircut? Change your parting

I get bored of my hair so easily, it’s mid-length and mid-blonde and not particularly exciting most of the time.

Constant trips to the hairdressers are a bit too pricey so anything that means I can update my look quickly without forking out my hard-earned cash is well worth it.

This weekend’s Teen Choice Awards wouldn’t normally be my go-to place for style inspiration, but there were loads of cool hair trends on show.

My favourite had to be the side-parting which Gwen Stefani, Lea Michele and Kristen Stewart were all rocking.

Twilight star Kristen decided to do a French plait on her right side, allowing the rest of her hair to sweep over to the left.

This is a bit grungey for me, but if I put my hair into a side French plaint or ponytail I think I could definitely get away with it.

Gwen went for a slicked over side parting and showed that it’s not just a young woman’s game.

I think this could be a top look to try for the summer as it gives my hair a little more texture and body, without having to resort to cutting my own fringe for a quick update.

I’m definitely guilty of being a bit of a home hairdresser, largely because I want to save a bit of money.

At the minute I’d love to take my hair colour even lighter, but again the salon price tag is putting me off.

Instead I think I’ll try coating my hair in lemon juice and then rinsing off after half an hour – it’s great for adding a little extra shine and makes blondes look even brighter.

Then I just have to pick which side to have my side parting – decisions, decisions!

How are you updating your hair for summer?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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