Consumers ‘will embrace tablets over netbooks’

Consumers 'will embrace tablets over netbooks'

Those looking for consumer advice are more likely to choose a tablet style computer over a netbook, according to an expert, who believes the latter has a clunky image.

Safoora Akbar, editor and marketing manager at Gaj-it, said that pioneering tablets like the iPad are catching the imagination of consumers with lots of features for them to try out.

“I think consumers are more likely to buy a tablet computer over a netbook, as netbooks are portable computers and have often been portrayed as being clunky and rather ugly,” she said.

The expert suggested claims that consumers could be confused by exactly what the iPad is are misplaced and she thinks data plans, which come with the tablets, will help to diffuse any uncertainty.

Fortune magazine recently stated that a report by global financial services firm Morgan Stanley suggests that sales of netbooks have been damaged by the launch of the Apple iPad tablet computer.

Posted by Alice Rowe

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