Could soup be the best way to lose weight this winter?

Could soup be the best way to lose weight this winter?

Those Christmas pounds may still be lingering around the waistlines of many of us as the dark winter months plod on, but there is no need to wave goodbye to hot meals altogether.

Helen O’Donnell, from the weight loss company Weight to Go, explains that a leafy salad may not be the most desirable lunch when you have to wrap up in multiple layers to leave the house.

However, instead of  traditional heavy stews and casseroles, Ms O’Donnell suggests cooking some homemade soups that you can take to work in a flask.
“It’s cheap and low calorie and, above all, healthy,” she says, so is a great option for improving your whole family’s health too.

A winter vegetable soup can be made with a selection of root vegetables, such as carrots, swede, potato and parsnip, and seasoned with a helping of nutmeg.

Ms O’Donnell’s other health tips include not setting unrealistic weight loss goals, avoid snacking by not skipping meals and plan ahead to maintain your weight once you reach your goal.

Posted by Libby Ward

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