Could you manage meditation?

Could you manage meditation?

After a hectic day, whether that be at work or dealing with stressful issues at home, unwinding can be difficult.

I’ve tried a whole host of ideas, warm milky drinks, chilling out in front of the telly and even baths but while my body might get the chance to relax my brain is usually still buzzing.

This could be where meditation comes in, something I’ve often considered but never tried.

Rather than just thinking of it as sitting down with your legs crossed for a few minutes a day, Stuart Bold from the Meditation Foundation claims that it really needs to be incorporated into your whole day.

This means trying to zone into your calming meditation state, where you are “being mindful, fully aware and in the present moment … and living it fully”, he explained.

So as I take the dog for a walk and even sit on the bus to commute to work I can try and use these principles.

I recently bought a meditation CD to help me unwind and while beforehand it seemed a little silly to listen to gentle chimes and the sound of running water, it really does help me to clear my mind from stress.

I’ve even found that it helps me get to sleep when I’m feeling restless – though I’m not sure my husband is such a fan!

Mr Bold recommends trying to have “meditative moments” so this could be little breaks from work where you take a short stroll and unwind from stressful situations.

Being outdoors always helps me to clear my head, so if ever work gets too much I make sure to take my lunch out of the office and go sit in the park – just so long as the weather is behaving!

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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