Cut bowel cancer risk by eating more fibre

Cut bowel cancer risk by eating more fibre

If you’re concerned about your family health then you may want to increase the amount of fibre everyone is eating to reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

A new study published in the British Medical Journal has shown that colorectal (bowel) cancer risk can be reduced by ensuring you have a high intake of dietary fibre.

This includes eating foods such as cereal fibre and whole grains, which can be easily found in many breakfast options.

Nick Phillips, director of Bowel Cancer Wales, admitted that he agreed with this research and also suggested eating more fruit, which is particularly high in fibre.

As well as dietary tips, Mr Phillips advised: “Leading a healthy lifestyle also reduces the risk of the disease – even a light walk helps the bowel to work.”

It can also be important to receive regular screening, especially if you believe you or your family to be at high risk of bowel cancer.

Posted by Libby Ward

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