Dinosaur hunt

495336365While Katy and I explored extinct animal remains at the Natural History Museum on Wednesday this week, my eldest Ella and her student friends set off on a real-life dinosaur hunt to America at the crack of dawn this morning as part of their uni research/fabulous holiday plans. She looked very clean-cut and respectable as she headed out for the airport, dressed in a college sweatshirt to cover her tattoo and her face scrubbed free of make-up because of the hideously early hour. American airport staff are notoriously jumpy apparently and she didn’t want to spook them unnecessarily.

“Look mum,” said Ella, rolling up her sleeve as she got ready last night to reveal a blemish-free inner elbow. “I gave blood yesterday and there’s not even a bruise.” Just as well, I thought – a tattoo of roses as big as a sailor’s fist and needle track marks up her arm is all she’d need to send chills through security chiefs at American immigration!

Posted by Amanda Blinkhorn

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